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Scaffold Retention Shore to Church Gable Wall
The upper triangular area of a 16m high church gable was seen to be bulging outwards and required to be repaired.
The Structural Engineers considered the stonework to be too unstable to simply dismantle and rebuild because of the risk of it collapsing inwards onto the pulpit area of the church or outwards onto the single storey vestry attached to the gable at low level.

Condesco Scaffold Design Engineers were asked to propose a scaffold which would be freestanding, provide initial access to allow the gable wall to be stabilised and which would then become part of the working scaffold in the wall repair phase of the works.

Through discussions with the main contractor it was discovered that the timber floor area around the base of the gable required reconstruction as part of the main works, clearly not in any condition to bear a scaffold let alone a retention scaffold, which would require many tonnes of kentledge front and rear.

The design proposed by Condesco was to remove the floor area early in the works and cast a 500mm thick lightly reinforced concrete slab which would solve the floor problem AND provide the kentledge for the retention scaffold

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General Arrangement & Details Of Scaffold Retention to Gable
With the existing floor removed the scaffold was set out on the ground as required and a second base lift formed immediately above top of slab level. The original base lift allowed load to be evenly spread into the slab once the concrete was cast. The concrete base stabilised the scaffold during construction and allowed the upper wall area to be tied to the scaffold using an engineered through tie detail

With the wall stabilised the external scaffold could be constructed in safety as could the smaller shore to the vestry gable at low level and the upper wall repaired.

Considering the whole picture in the approach to meeting our client’s requirements allows Condesco Technical Services to engineer innovative scaffold design outcomes which can shorten contract periods and save overall costs
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