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Condesco Technical Services
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Temporary Roof to Historic City Centre Building
To allow refurbishment of the existing structure and the complex roof of this listed building, Condesco Technical Services were required to design a scaffold which would give practicable access to the building and support the loads created by a large span temporary roof

The architect and other interested parties would not allow the building to be peppered with ties due to its historic interest and high quality stone column

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Elevation, Plan & Details of Temporary Roof Support Scaffold

Exact bay sizes built in tube & fittings, allowed standards to be located precisely where they could be best fixed to the building with the least amount of drilling, e.g. window through ties and box ties to column details

Condesco Designers discreetly positioned the heavily loaded and critical main ties to the roof above an existing corbel, which masked the drilling from the street.

The location at the base of a major masonry detail ensured that there remained a sufficient mass of masonry and roof above to allow the ties to generate the 2.5 tonne loads required to restrain the temporary roof

The drawings were very detailed. Wind and roof loads required the critical scaffold joints designed by Condesco Technical Services to have check couplers sometimes to both sides, sometimes to one side as the following details show

Spur bracing to the roof and specific load bearing ledger bracing required to be designed by Condesco Engineers and detailed as above and below
Load spread into the scaffold required the connection between the ledger and the standard to be designed to allow effective load transfer between the two members as below
Similarly the connection between the Transom and the ledger in the support area of the roof required specific detailing due to the components of tensile & compressive loads that were sustained by the transom

With the scaffold in place and fully prepared the temporary roof could be hoisted into position allowing work to proceed through the winter below a secure cover

click for larger picture
Gable Elevation of Temporary Roof & Support Scaffold
All of the above is the copyright of Condesco Technical Services
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