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Scaffold Design Engineers & Consultants
Forth Bridge Scaffold
Forth Bridge Scotland
With nothing below but the river, the X shaped lattice structure to be painted had insufficient strength to support tons of scaffold tubes and boards.   A tight deadline set by a short painting season added to the challenge and required some innovative thinking Engineers at Condesco Technical Services designed this solution;

Aluminium support beams were fixed as propped cantilevers to the underside of the Forth Bridge Main Viaduct Girders.

Suspension wires replace the standard scaffold tubes and were hung from neoprene lined hanger brackets ready to support the suspended scaffold, which was rapidly constructed from the bottom upwards.

Constructing a suspended scaffold from the top down would add up to 65% to the labour costs and considerably to the weight.

The 13mm rope used here replaced the vertical suspended tubes which would require passing down from the top and tension splicing at every joint.   Splicing scaffold tubes at each tension joint is heavy, time consuming and difficult work in top down construction.

On the right is a scaffold designed to step in one direction and built at approximately 7.5 degrees out of vertical in the other direction as it follows the line of one of the bridge struts leaning into the bridge.

On the Left the suspended access follows the “X shape” of the lattice work of the bracing being accessed

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